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What is our Institution's Philosophy?

Lifelong Learning Eyüp Public Eduction Center, established in 1971 and is still active, believes that students, or learners 14 and older should have a chance to achieve their goals, improve their academic skills, computer skills, learn English, and/or obtain a high school diploma or GED.

We invite everyone in the community to come try something new, to follow a dream, to hone skills for success, to stay fit and healthy, to travel the world right in your own backyard, to find your center, and to discover your potential at any age. You can all do this at Eyüp HEM among friends, in a welcoming, encouraging environment with professionals sharing their expertise as your teachers, guides and mentors.

Eyüp HEM is committed to responding to the needs of our diverse community and offers hundreds of weekday, evening and weekend classes available in over 25 programs, all taught by our professional experts. Your needs, your passions, your community.

We believe "It's Never Too Late."

Who Do We Serve?

Lifelong Learning Eyüp HEM program for Adult Education, a public mandated program. Our students must be 14 years or older.

What opportunities are available for adults to learn?

  • WorkKeys Preparation and Assessment
  • English as a Second Language (ESL) classes
  • Childcare Training
  • Art & Photography
  • Business & Finance
  • Craft
  • Music & Theatre

What academic programs are available for students?

High School Diploma Classes

o Basic Skill Classes

o Pre-GED Classes

o GED Preparation Classes

o Virtual High School

o English as a Second Language (ESL)


Contact Data

Eyüp Halk Eğitimi Merkezi

Adress: Topçular Mahallesi Rami Kışla Caddesi No:50 Eyüp / İSTANBUL





Rogepa is a Romanian private training company with Romanian-German joint capital, with the main activity focused on the adult education. We provide authorized training in different domains as following: train of trainers, foreign languages, ICT,CNC, curriculum development, entrepreneurship education, project management, commerce, e-learning design, web design, tourism and food services, frizeur, constructions, wood processing, business running, quality management, key competences.İn the year 2015 we had 560 trainees.Rogepa has staff  and collaborators with competences and expertise to organize national and international events, web design, e-learning design, media development, education, adult education, development of curricula’s and teaching aids, European projects management and fund raising, development and modernization of professional training process of qualification and re- qualification for small and medium  companies in Romania.

We have also experience as service suplier in the ICT field, such as design of web pages, e-learning, editing of teaching and learning materials, editing flyers, or other materials on client’s wishes, graphic design computer based, multimedia development.

We have good relationships with other national institutes of education, city halls from region, local council, and several professional associations.

We have a modern computer laboratory and qualified people which can be used in the purpose of the project to create and developed training material for vocational and adult education using modern media, including e-learning.

Since 11 years, we deliver services like: training, e-learning tutoring, wed design, architecture design, media design.

Our company was leader of a strategic project under European Social Fund. The goal is to increase the chances for the vulnerable groups (rroma population, women and people with disabilities) with risk of social exclusion to get employed on the labor market, by training, counseling and guidance.

We have an e-learning platform used for the provision of courses, including the development of key skills and entrepreneurial education. We deliver, at the national level, authorized training for the 8 key competences.

Our company has 8 branches in 3 regions of Romania of which 4 are in rural areas.

We manage a transnational network, made up of different types of public and private institutions (4 Schools, 3 VET schools, 2 Universities, Labor Agency from Maramures county, public administration/city halls) and social partners in order to support training and employment of disadvantaged people as people with law education.

The company is authorized by the Regional Employment Agency of Maramures to provide:  informational and counselling activities regarding the labor (Accreditation certificate no.0000 735/31.03.2013 AJOFM MM); Provides information and advise people looking for a job related to career choice, opportunities for training and employment.

For the period of 2013-2015, by the contract nr.24/12.06.2013, ROGEPA is provider for the Romanian Ministry of European Funds in the 'Framework Agreement for the provision of service experts to assist the authorities in management of structural instruments ".




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Adress: Baia Mare, Bd.Unirii nr.16, cam 20


University of Wrocław

The University of Wrocław is the largest university in the region and teaches over 28,000 students and around 1300 Phd students at 10 Faculties. The University has 3 500 employees.Today, the first and foremost focus of The University of Wrocław is scientific research. The scholars have numerous links with their fellow researchers from other higher education institutions in Poland and throughout the world.The University of The Third Age (U3A) is a part of the University of Wroclaw and it is one of the largest institutions for seniors education in Poland- very well known in the country, with many international contacts (in East and West Europe) and also one of the oldest in the world - the first U3A was founded in 1973- ours was founded 2 years later.One of the U3A most important goals is to involve seniors in educational and communal activities so as to avoid the personal and social effects of ageing. The students of the University of the Third Age are over 60 years old (up to 94), and most of them live alone. As elderly people (mostly women – about 90% of the students) they are at high risk of social and digital exclusion. The teachers and scientist involved in the U3A activities are Phds and Phd students from the Faculty of Pedagogical Sciences in the University of Wroclaw.

U3A organizes ca. 1000 hours of lectures, seminars and workshops per year, in many areas of study: physical activities, humanities, social sciences, languages, methodology, artistic education. The organization is the huge center of education and educational research as well- researchers from the University of Wroclaw and from abroad are testing new methods of learning every year. Scientific articles, conference papers and books are the most important publications, which are one of many effects from many international projects mostly coordinated by the team from the U3A.

The institution is organizing many international conferences in education, which are special opportunities for exchanging new ideas and educational experience. U3A is testing the new methods of teaching seniors all the time. From 2010 the supportive teaching methods were checked: games, memory training, techniques of creativity and new technologies

The U3A has the Scientific Council which is an advisory and consultative body for University Rector and consists of: 6 representatives of the universities of Wroclaw – professors and 2 representatives of U3A.




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Adress: Plac Uniwersyteki 1, WROCLAW

Jump In associazione culturale

Jump In is a non-governmental Association founded in April 2009, which deals with:

  • Education activities (education projects in schools and on an extra-schools basis throughout a non-formal education method focused on active citizenship, European conscience, against racism and xenophobia, human rights principles);
  • Cultural events (conference, seminars, cineforum, concerts, art exhibitions);
  • Intercultural activities (programs and projects of youth mobility, education of international topics, promotion of different cultures in Italy and abroad, welcome activities of tourists and foreigners, promotion of Youth in Action Program);
  • Territorial promotion (promotion of its typical aspects, its artists, tourism, sport activities)

JUMP IN is a young organisation with a clear goal to spread education, culture and to work on personalities general development. We deal with educational activities, development, culture, publication and publishing activities. We arrange lots of courses  and  workshops to   enable young people to acquire skills and professionalises through using new and non-formal education methods that stimulate learning, creativity and transfer skills useful even for future.

JUMP IN has become a collector of young at 360 °, it combines theatre, music, and other artistic forms. There are many young people who constantly come close to our reality, following our laboratories, and propose innovative ideas that can be implemented on the territory.




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Adress: Via delle momose 23, Poggiardo-Lecce


FA-Magdeburg GmbH

FA-Magdeburg GmbH is a private German training company located in Magdeburg, Saxony-Anhalt. As a continuous education provider, we are committed from the beginning of our establishment to ensure the exchange of practical knowledge and skills according to advanced technical developments and market requirements.

The many years of successful teaching activities for different target groups, especially for VET schools, employees of the state government and employees in industry, has helped to make our training centre active in the market. Practice partner in dual VET system in Germany.

The focus of our activities is the improvement of knowledge and skills in the practical handling of the PC technology, operating systems, networks, Internet, media development, office communication equipment and user programs in office administration and management. We have expertise in modern teaching methods like virtual classroom usage, e-learning and e-book development.

We have experience in different types fund raising and project management.

In this context, we are always trying to adapt to all the needs of our customers and also to respond to individual inquiries. We consider that even the issues and problems of the trainees outside the training sessions may be resolved at the workplace of the respective participant. In the development and delivery of our modular training programs, we have several year experiences in the education of adults in Saxony-Anhalt.

The course contents are aimed at further professional qualification and are divided in basic courses, advanced courses and workshops. Our staffs are trainers or specialists with high educational training and have appropriate "Microsoft Trainer Certificates."

Since 1991, our biggest clients include the government of Saxony-Anhalt. We ensure customer training about 150 to 200 days a year. In addition, we provide training on behalf of the German Foundation for International Development for the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation since 7 years to foreign trainees in various professions, as IT professionals, media designers, project management. We have experience in ESF projects and international cooperation.


Contact data

FA-Magdeburg GmbH

Schoenebecker Str. 119, DEE - SACHSEN-ANHALT, Germany


Email: mail[at]