Objectives and results

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Objective 1: Main goal of the project and also of the partner organizations is to assist presenting a supportive and friendly foreign language learning environment for adults through ICT who thinks that they are too late to learn a foreign language, helping to make their communicative competence progress visible and increasing learner satisfaction.
Objective 2: The adults who had many prejudices about their target languge for instance; they can’t learn a foreign language or even if they could, they won’t be able to speak it with any tourists or native speakers, “Not Too Late to Speak” project aims to break those prejudices and make them ask themselves that Can I achieve it and give a place in the European community.
Objective 3: The main aims of this Learning Partnership project is to promote “inclusive and motivating in language learning contexts for adult pupils by enhancing their ability to communicate and co-operate with people across language and cultural boundaries.
Objective 4: With the help of project partnerships, we aim to exchange the best experience of promoting foreign language learning and practice of different European institutions, to enhance availability of educational opportunities and conditions. The Adults language learning is organized on the basis of exchanging cultural knowledge and understanding unique ways of life in various European regions. Immersing the adult students in the target language with the partnerships’ helps them use it more independently and this can lead to increased confidence and better vocabulary.
• an open source online instrument
These will be components of the principal Intellectual Output O1: an open online course devoted to the principles of ENGLISH LANGUAGE COURSE ON THE PROJECT PLATFORM –
• English Language Course (electronic course) contains multimedia lessons of English Language in a big collaborative learning space which contains documents, exercises, learning paths, assignments, forum, chat, wiki, work groups, surveys, MediaCenter.
• handbook with 5 modules for skills development of adults language learning in English. The handbook contains a methodological guide for trainers and a workbook for trainees in each module, in a unified form.
• A common website of the project